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Short term status2015 - 2019
Long term status2010 - 2019

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Chart C.2.iv. Quantity of contaminated soil sent for remediation

Contaminated soil is usually generated in land development or redevelopment projects and is largely the result of construction and demolition activities, or excavated soil from contaminated sites.  Data on the quantity of contaminated soil treated off-site in Ireland or exported abroad is collated by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of their Hazardous Waste Treatment Survey, including data collected by the National Transfrontier Shipment Office.  These data do not reflect contaminated soil treated in situ at its point of generation.

ENVA Ireland Ltd. Facility in Portlaoise is the only facility in Ireland licenced to treat contaminated soil.  From 2008 until 2015, due to the economic downturn in the construction industry, there was a marked decrease in the quantity of contaminated soil generated for treatment off-site in Ireland or exported abroad. Since 2015 there has been a slight increase in contaminated soil however this increase is occurring at much lower level than that observed pre-2009. In 2019, 39% of the total reported contaminated soil was sent for treatment in Ireland and 61% was exported abroad.

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for preparing National Hazardous Waste Management Plans.  The current plan sets out the priorities to be pursued from 2014-2020 and beyond to improve the management of hazardous waste.

The latest statistics from the EPA can be found here:

More information on contaminated soil treatment in Ireland can be found in the EPA’s National Waste Reports here:

The latest National Waste Management Plan 2014-2020 can be found here:

Guidance on the management of contaminated land and water can be found here:


Quantity of contaminated soil sent for remediation

Contaminated soil represents a chronic pressure on soil biodiversity, detrimentally altering soil-dwelling organisms and the ecosystem services they provide.  In Ireland, contaminated soil is largely generated by the construction and demolition industries.  This indicator tracks the quantities of contaminated soil processed within Ireland or exported from Ireland per year.

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