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Chart D.2.i. Number of sites with conservation objectives planned

Implementation of effective conservation management planning is required to maintain and restore the favourable conservation status of habitats and species.  At both a European and national level, legislation is in place that supports the implementation and enforcement of regulations that protect the ecological integrity of protected habitats and habitats supporting protected species.  Currently, the process of setting detailed site-specific conservation objectives is ongoing for Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) that protect habitats and species as listed in the EU Habitats and Birds Directives.  These site-specific conservation objectives aim to define favourable conservation conditions for a particular habitat or species and collectively contribute to the maintenance of those habitats and species at a national level.

To date, 236 of the 430 (55%) SACs and 35 of the 154 (23%) SPAs have site-specific conservation objectives with generic conservation objectives in place for the remaining sites.

More information on conservation management planning for protected sites can be found here:


Number of sites for which detailed conservation objectives have been published

Management planning for nature conservation sites is an essential first step in maintaining and restoring favourable conservation status of protected species and habitats.  This indicator tracks the number of designated sites for which detailed conservation objectives have been developed.

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