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Chart D.5.i. Number of professional ecologists and environmental managers

Established in 1991, the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) is an international professional body representing ecologists and environmental managers in Ireland and the UK.  The goal of CIEEM is to advance the understanding and standards of practice of ecological and environmental management for the benefit of the natural environment and society. CIEEM has established and upholds standards of professional competence and conduct, promotes best practice sharing through publications and awards, supports continuing professional development through the provision of training and conferences, advises governmental bodies on policy and practice in relation to management of the natural environment, and promotes inter-disciplinary approaches to sustainable management of the natural environment. 

The Irish Section promotes CIEEM’s work and membership in Ireland, north and south, and is run by a committee of volunteers aided by a section support officer.  The Irish Section holds an annual conference, sponsors workshops and other members’ events, supports training courses in Ireland, engages with statutory bodies on environmental policy, and collaborates with other organisations to promote the Institute’s aims.

Membership of CIEEM is open to individuals who are practising ecologists, graduates and students of ecology and environmental disciplines, and to others who are interested in the profession of ecology and environmental management regardless of academic qualification.  CIEEM members in Ireland represent many employment sectors including government agencies, NGOs, environmental consultancy and academia.  There are several membership grades; Associate, Full and Fellow members are currently engaged in or actively seeking professional practice in ecology or environmental management.  Achieving these grades is assessed on the basis of reaching an appropriate level of competency in a number of ecological and transferable skills according to a defined framework.  Ecological skills include: species identification and evaluation, habitat creation/enhancement, Ecological Impact Assessment, environmental policy compliance and enforcement, ecological data analysis, and ecological teaching and training.  Transferable skills include business planning, project management, report writing, and professional conduct.  In addition, CIEEM members can apply for Chartered status as a Chartered Ecologist or as a Chartered Environmentalist.

In comparison to other scientific disciplines, ecological expertise in Ireland is currently at a relatively low level of human resource, with inadequate numbers particularly in the public and academic sectors.  Anecdotally, recent trends are positive with increasing numbers of professional ecologists in the private sector.

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Number of professional ecologists and environmental managers

This indicator profiles the human resource and expertise available within the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

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